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Hi. Welcome.

I created this website in 2017 when I first ran for Chester Heights Borough Council to help voters learn about me and my platform. I was not successful in that election.

In 2018, I refocused and started on a new career path at the University of Delaware. I also co-founded Chester Heights Neighbors Alliance to help inform, engage, and advocate for borough residents.  In 2019, I ran for council one more time, and this time lost by only 17 votes.  


Deeply disturbed by the political rhetoric and election tactics of the Republican Party,  I joined the Mid-County Democratic Committee, and in 2020 I was appointed to vice-chair representing Chester Heights. In 2022,  after the 2020 census, Pennsylvania was redistricted and Chester Heights moved from the 168th PA House District to the PA 160th.  To better align with local races Chester Heights Democrats moved from 

Mid-County and joined Concord Democrats establishing - The Garnet Valley Democratic Committee or GV Dems, where I continue to serve in the vice chair role.  

In 2021 I ran for Chester Heights Borough Council for the 3rd time and won the seat. Today, I am a minority member of the council serving often as a dissenting voice, asking questions that are not always welcome, and endeavoring to keep residents informed of local government issues and actions while keeping up with my 4 children ages 11-22 and their many life adventures.


Beginning in October 2020, I began sharing meeting notes on my blog at  With my many commitments, I have taken advantage of our great communications team at GV Dems, and rather than going solo, I am now a contributor to the  Chester Heights Borough monthly update on the GVDems blog.


The meeting notes from Dec 2019 - Sept 2020 are published on the Chester Heights Neighbors Alliance website.

If you are a Chester Heights resident and are interested in having a council that is proactive, forward-thinking, and focused on residents, I encourage you to join my email list and consider running for council to join me in service to our community. 

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