Hi. Welcome.

I created this website in 2017 when I first ran for Chester Heights Borough Council to help voters learn about me and my platform. I was not successful in that election.

In 2018, I refocused and started on a new career path at the University of Delaware. I also co-founded Chester Heights Neighbors Alliance to help inform, engage, and advocate for borough residents.  In 2019, I ran for council one more time, and this time lost by only 17 votes.  


Deeply disturbed by the political rhetoric and election tactics of the Republican Party,  I joined the Mid-County Democratic Committee, and in 2020 I was appointed to vice-chair representing Chester Heights.

Now it's 2021 and I am running for Chester Heights Borough Council for the 3rd time.  In the May Primary election, I received the most votes ever cast in a local primary in our tiny 2.5 sq mile borough.  With election success comes fierce competition and my running mates: Nancy Server, Ron SurkinJeff DurstPhilip Block (mayor), and I will need to work extra hard to get re-elected and to get our supporters out to vote.


​In the meantime, I continue to attend borough council meetings (haven't missed one in 4 years),  ask questions that are not always welcome, and endeavor to keep residents informed of local government issues and actions while keeping up with my 4 children ages 8-20 and their many life adventures.


As of October 2020, I have been sharing meeting notes on  my blog at MartaDriscoll.com 


The meeting notes from Dec 2019 - Sept 2020 are published on the Chester Heights Neighbors Alliance website.

If you are a Chester Height's resident and are interested in having a council that is proactive, forward-thinking, and focused on residents, I encourage you to join my email list and of course cast your VOTE on Nov 2nd!