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Annual Assessment Appeal Deadline August 1st

OMG, my taxes!

Yes, that is what we are hearing all across Delaware County. The 2020 assessments have dropped, school districts prepared and finalized their budgets and the school tax bills have been sent out.

But before you make one more comment on social media ask yourself, “Can I sell my home for the assessed amount?”

If the answer is yes, it is what it is. Yes, the tax burden has shifted from undervalued commercial properties to residential ones, but only the taxing authorities such as school districts or municipalities can fight that fight, or rather file that lawsuit.

But if the answer is NO - there is some good news. Due to the fluctuation in home values, property owners can file an ANNUAL ASSESSMENT APPEAL. That’s right. You can appeal your assessment EVERY YEAR. So even though you cannot fix your current tax situation, you may be able to reduce your tax burden for 2022.

The deadline for the annual assessment appeal is August 1st and the council has waived the filing fee for 2021.

Thanks to a friend and very knowledgeable realtor I compiled this list of things you should know before filing an appeal:

  • If your assessment is less than the potential sales price of your home...leave well enough alone.

  • Fill out the Form & follow the directions in the rules and regulations!

  • File on time (deadline August 1st)

  • File in person or by mail.

  • You have to prove the value of the home that you are claiming.


    • That means either a settlement sheet dated within the year of the appeal or an appraisal by a certified appraiser. A professional appraisal may cost between $350-650

    • Just like comparing our lives to others is a good way for us to shred our self-esteem, comparing your property to your neighbors’ assessments is a good way to shred your case. The assessments of your neighbors are not a good measurement of your current fair market value today and will not help you make your case here.

  • School Boards usually send in representatives to sit in the room on EVERY appeal case.

Since home values are not reassessed at the time of the sale in Delaware County, remember that a taxing authority such as a school district can also appeal the value of your home on an annual basis. The Board of Assessments and Appeals will also be hearing their cases. You will be notified if your property is being considered for a reassessment. All cases must be completed by November 2nd.

Finally, I would like to note that filing an appeal does not guarantee a tax reduction. It simply offers you the opportunity to be assessed at the fair market value which may be higher.


2022 Annual Assessment Appeal Form

Board’s Rules and Regulations

Board of Assessments

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