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Final 2021-2022 GVSD Tax Rate

On June 14th, the Garnet Valley School District issued its final tax rate for the 2021-2022 school year. The final rate is slightly lower than the preliminary rate that was proposed. The new millage rates are 18.4414 for Chester Heights and Concord and 18.6471 for Bethel Township and propose a 3.81% increase in expenditures and a 0% increase in cumulative taxes over last year. Each property owner will be impacted differently based on the change in their assessment.

The final school budget can be found on the district website or can be accessed HERE.


To calculate your new tax bill- find your current assessment at the Delaware County assessment website, divide by 1000 and apply the millage rate. You can calculate each tax segment separately: local, county, school, or you can combine the rates into one and apply it to your assessment. Applying one whole tax rate will result in a slightly higher tax bill because it doesn't account for the homestead exclusion available on residential properties for the school tax.

Below are the lists of properties as originally re-assessed. The assessment amounts may have changed due to appeals by either the homeowner, school district, or another interested party. The files below are being provided merely as a courtesy. Please confirm the assessment amounts HERE.

Chester Heights Property Calculation

Chester Heights Assessment -Final School
Download • 278KB

Concord Township Property Tax Calculation

Concord Assessment as final Rate 18
Download 4414 • 840KB

Bethel Township Property Tax Calculation

Bethel Assessment as final rate 18.6471
Download • 572KB

Hope you find this information useful.

If you live in Chester Heights - I (Marta Driscoll) am running for council with a great team: Ron Surkin, Nancy Server, and Jeff Durst. Running with us for Mayor is Philip Block. I would love to hear about what matters to you in local government. You can email me at Learn more about our slate HERE.

If you live in Concord - Please visit and learn about the 6 exceptional candidates running for Concord Township Council who, with your support and vote, can move Concord Forward in a direction of integrity, responsible land use, and fiscal accountability. Check out their Facebook page HERE

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