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New Fire Truck Arrives in CHB October 2020

Notes from the 10.05.2020 Borough Council Meeting

Exciting news at today's council meeting presented by Sam Iannucci, President of the Chester Heights Fire Company (CHFC). This month the fire company will soon be welcoming a brand new, built to specification Fire Rescue Engine. As reported in the Spring Fire Company Newsletter purchasing the truck this year has saved the company $217K.


The fire company is committed to responsible financial management and is continually searching for new funding opportunities from outside sponsors. The CHFC has been awarded an AFG micro-grant in the amount of $18K to purchase washing machines that can handle the Fire Fighter Gear requiring only a small 5% match providing substantial savings in cleaning costs.

Given CHB's proximity to the Mariner East Pipeline, it was imperative that CHFC purchase highly sophisticated gas meters. This purchase was offset by a grant provided by Sunoco in the amount of $20,500. The additional funds from the grant were also used to purchase 30 Nomex protective hoods and a new fill station for air packs.

Mr. Iannucci requested an in-person meeting with the council to review the upcoming budget and the impact of the new assessment on the calculation of the new millage rate. He also offered that the Fire Company is not planning to raise the borough's rent when the lease expires in February and as the landlord, noted that CHFC would like to address any concerns the borough may have with the building if any.


In recent weeks CHFC firefighter volunteers devoted 256+ man-hours to training.

7 members attended 32 hours each of pump 1 and pump 2 and 2 members completed 16 hours each of swift water rescue.


Mr. Iannucci noted the incredible diversity of calls that the company answers. Within the scope of a few days, they responded to a shooting, a heroin overdose, 2 house fires, and a tractor-trailer/car accident that required putting tools in service to extricate the individual from a car.

The CHFC is proud of its members and the hard work that they do but they have a strict policy against posting about incidents on Facebook and or on other social media platforms.

October 4th - 10th is Fire Prevention week! So check your smoke detectors and replace those batteries - Don't forget to thank our firefighters!

Here's a glimpse at our New Fire Rescue...

Carwash Zoning Hearing

The council approved $1600 to employ Albert Federico to review the 116-page traffic study provided by Mr. Darin Kapanjie's team at the 9/29/2020 zoning hearing for the special exception of his carwash. The review does not include an independent traffic study but is simply to advise if there is any evidence that should be presented in opposition to the application for a special exception at the continued Zoning Hearing meeting scheduled for 10/14/2020.


The representatives for the proposed Powell property development asked to present their plan at the next October Work Session(10/26). This is nota firm date until the council publishes the agenda which should be posted 3 business days before the scheduled meetings. To review the original proposal for the Powell Property you can check out the notes HERE.

Mr. Conrad withdrew his development plan for 31 Smithbridge Road due to an impasse with the sewer issues.

Fire Marshalls Report

...So the zoom meeting was hijacked in the middle of the fire marshalls report. From what I gathered after the obscene interruption the fire marshal worked with the solicitor to resolve the issue of contamination, dumping, and fire hazard issues at 18 Smithbridge Road - owned by the Powell Estate currently occupied by Scapeworx.

Escrow Release

With the full completion of Wawa ANNEX 5, the council voted to release the escrow for in the amount of $1,986,723.20. Councilwoman Ellis abstained from the vote.

The Library and School District

Special Education students and children in grades K-2 have begun attending in-person school using a hybrid schedule with the remaining students joining them in mid-October.

The library asked to be considered for an increase in support during the budgeting process as the auxiliary funding sources have become less reliable and diminished due to the pandemic.


Mrs. Laura Lim was appointed ProTem ( Like Speaker of the House - third in line to lead the council). Congratulations to Mrs. Lim!

Parks and Recreation:

Recycling Day By the Numbers:

  • 226 Cars

  • 2.3 Tons of Paper Shredded

  • 7199 Lbs of Electronics Recycled

  • 250 Bags Donated to Green Drop

Council will apply for the PECO GREEN GRANT which will require a 100% match from the borough for park improvements. The application will be completed in house to save on the grant application fee.

Council approved $1500 to remove a tree in Chester Heights Park where a limb had split and is putting another tree in danger.

New Business & Old Business & Public Comment

A well-earned raise ($200 per month) was awarded to Mr. Ward for his new additional duties as the technical lead and zoom meeting moderator.

Thank you for making the zoom meeting happen and available for all of us to attend!

The historical committee will meet to discuss possibilities to do some projects. No time or place was noted. If interested, I recommend contacting Ms. Sue Timmins the chair of the committee at

The Mayor's Events Committee will meet via zoom next Monday (10/12) to discuss the possible logistics for Lunch with Santa. If interested in attending please contact the borough for more information. (

Chester Heights Camp Meeting (Report by Gary Koerner as public comment.)

Camp Meeting is excited to announce that they have broken ground on the sewer and water improvement project. They are making progress and have begun the grading. The total cost is anticipated to be a $1.5M-$2M project hopefully to be completed by December. The project includes executing the replacement of the roads that were compromised when the houses were moved from the original location, now the Brookfiled development, up to the current Camp Meeting site.

The Sewer Map remains an open item. Mr. Baum has asked the council to review and provide input on what information is potentially missing so that he may address it with Mike Ciocco, Jr. the Sewer Enforcement Officer who is also the lead on the project.

Treasure's Report

Revenue $146,331.36

Expenses $97,598.96

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