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Stream Clean-Up, Park Updates and Pot Dispensaries - Feb 1st Council Meeting

The Regular Council Meeting focuses on reports from various committees here are my notes on the reports presented at the February 1st, 2021 Council Meeting. As always they are not necessarily in the order presented, but rather in an order you might find most interesting.


Let's jump in with PUBLIC COMMENT

Beth MacKinnon asked if the council could please share on social media and through other available outlets that CRC is seeking volunteers for their Annual Stream Clean-Up. Chester Heights is site # 167. The cleanup will take place on March 20th and the link to the registration should be available soon. To learn more check out


Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Councilwoman Clarke is leading the Ordinance Committee in addressing the issue of zoning for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries on behalf of Chester Heights. Choosing a proactive approach in having an ordinance in place before it becomes an issue.

Local municipalities have enacted local zoning ordinances to address potential applications for dispensaries and growers. The Solicitor noted that he emailed the council a review of the PA Marijuana Act 16 passed in 2016. Concord passed an ordinance in 2019 limiting the locations of the dispensaries. They structured it as an exception to their existing zoning ordinance. In Aston, they combined an indoor grower facility and a medical marijuana dispensary as a conditional use application. A special exception falls in the jurisdiction of the Zoning Hearing Board while the conditional use would be decided upon by the governing body. The state requires that the applicant wishing to be licensed must meet the zoning of the municipality where they plan on being located. Though this is important work we should note that the state has a limited number of these licenses and the likelihood of them coming to CHB is low, but it would be worse to be caught unprepared.

Dr. Kate Nolt advised during Public Comment that she is helping to bring together resources to provide them to the council. Susan Clarke added that she has been communicating with Dr. Nolt and will discuss the additional information in a committee meeting.

In a follow-up question, Councilwoman Ellis asked if the ordinance committee meeting will be public to which Mrs. Clarke replied that should there be a quorum of the council the meeting will be held publicly.

Councilwoman Ellis requested that she be provided the date of the meeting so that she could attend. Councilwoman Clarke then asked if Ms. Ellis and other Committee Chairs could extend the same courtesy of notifying all members of council when they meet as in committee to allow each member of council to decide for themselves if they wish to participate.

Parks and Open Space


The Open Space Committee is planning to do a site plan for the Strine Property.


The playground equipment has been purchased.


Playground Installation timeline:

  • Equipment to be received Feb 15th

    • The Contract Engineer will store the equipment in their facility

  • Topographic Map from the Engineer needs to be received then

  • 2-3 Days to Remove Old Equipment

  • 2-3 Weeks to Install the New Equipment

  • Hopeful for a completion deadline of April, but not certain.

Recycle Day scheduled for Saturday, September 11th, 9am-12pm

Relevant Public Comment

Marta Driscoll: Have you considered another date for the Recycling Event given the 20th Anniversary of Sept 11th and the fact that we are asking the Fire Company to participate? Perhaps out of respect for them we could find a better date?

Response: 2 out of the 3 vendors are booked in September on all other dates.

2020 Budget vs. Actual Review

The Committee has sent the Budget Vs. Actual Report to the council. It will be reviewed at the Work Session

Councilwoman Lim Highlighted that the Budget for 2021 is projected at 8.9% less than the 2020 Actuals. For comparison here is a quick chart of actual General Fund expenditures by CHB 2015-2021.

The fire report was emailed by the fire chief to the council, however, it was not presented at the meeting, but was rather emailed to members of the council. You can view a copy of the report HERE.

Fire Marshall Report:

Someone once again trapped in the Elevator at the Summit. The Fire Marshal recommended that there could be a possible software glitch and it should be addressed.

Historical Committee

Sue Timmins reported that a resident had dropped off records and they were provided to Anne Searl, a Member of the Delaware County Historical Commission for review. The plan is to meet with the DiSalvo Family to discuss the planning of installing the plaque for DiSalvo Park.

Treasurer’s Report

Council approved revenues in the amount of $14,764 and expenses in the amount of $36,543.56.

Description of Borough Mail

In response to the Mail Question posed at the January 25th meeting, the Fire Marshall presented information on borough Mail

Mr. Ciocco told the story of back in the 1980s when the treasurer/secretary of Chester Heights thought it was more convenient to have the mail to where she worked in Marcus Hook. That’s why our address used to link to Marcus Hook. It took him 30 years to change that. He finished with the conclusion that we are not able to get mail delivery CHB unless we use extension post office zip codes.

Since I have already written about the subject back in 2018 and covered all the points in Mr. Ciocco’s presentation I would rather not retype it here. I invite you to check out my Mail Blog Article to learn about Mail Delivery in Chester Heights Here.

Roadmaster Report:

  • Roads are being cleared. Please make reports of road issues through the borough secretary at

  • Locations have been determined for Speed Signs. One to be located on Lenni and one on Llewelyn Rd. Once Higgins installs them they will include speed warning signs.

Engineer’s Report

The engineer was not present. Sue Timmins reported that PennDOT notified the borough that they have received, reviewed, and approved the borough MS-329 for the report for County Aid and the MS-965 or the Annual Actual Use Report which she had submitted for Liquid Fuels. As a caveat, this report may need a clarification/correction by the borough as form MS-339 is the County Aid Report form while form MS-329 is a Project Approval Form.

Mayor's Report

The declaration of emergency was signed giving us the opportunity to collect state money if available at the end of the storm.

School Board Report

Due to the resignation of Richard Jones, a 9-year school board member a Vacancy has been created. The position will be enforced through the end of his term which ends December 2021. Interested parties should submit a resume and an application through the superintendent's office by February 8th the interviews will take place via zoom on Feb 16th.

Mayor’s Event Committee

Movie Nights under Consideration.

No Easter Egg Hunt - due to Covid

Considering Memorial Day - waiting to see.

Borough History Anniversary in September

The Communication Report

The spring newsletter is coming. The committee chair has requested an update from all committees for the Newsletter by February 15th.


A complaint of Mattress on Llewellyn Rd., Holiday Cards and Thank you Cards.

And that's it for this edition.

The Borough will post official minutes once approved at next month's regular council meeting which is scheduled for March 1st. They won't include the public comments, but you can always listen to the meeting audio.

Be Well,


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