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  • Marta Kathryn Driscoll

Carwash Zoning Exception Granted

On November 25th, 2020 the Chester Heights Zoning Hearing Board APPROVED DJ Car Wash LLC's application for Special Exception for 104-106 Baltimore Pike.

"The Old Ennis Property"

The special exception is granted for a full year due to the restriction that could be encountered due to COVID 19.

The applicant can request a further extension at that time.

The following conditions apply:

  • The applicant must cover the vacuum area with roofing.

  • The roof is to be attached to the building consistent with other business operations in the borough. Any deviation from land development standards can be waived by the council.

  • The applicant will prevent through traffic on the property.

  • The exits onto Baltimore Pike must meet PennDOT desirable sight distance standards for the exits as opposed to the minimum standard.

  • The exit onto Valleybrook Road need must be placed further south on the road so that a sight distance of no less the 310 ft is achieved.

  • Requests that the Council and PennDOT limit the timeframe for the left-hand turns. No Left-hand turns onto Valleybrook Rd. 7am-10am & 3pm-6pm.

  • Requests Borough Council with input from PennDOT addresses all the concerns in the ZHB findings of facts and Order.

For full details check out the Zoning Hearing Board Order below:

DJ Carwash ZHB Order
Download PDF • 4.97MB

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