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Garnet Valley School Tax Rate

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Chester Heights   Garnet Valley school district tax rate
GVSD 2021-2022 tax rate

The Garnet Valley School District published its preliminary tax rate for the 2021-2022 tax year. This rate is 18.5336 for Chester Heights and Concord and 18.7393 for Bethel. For all my neighbors in these municipalities who may be curious about the impact below please find 3 documents I prepared based on the assessment tables published by Delaware County. The documents compare your pre-assessment and post-assessment taxes. These values are subject to change without notice as individuals & the school district pursue appeals for various reasons.

To confirm your tax id and your assessed value, I invite you to visit the Delaware County Public Access.

Chester Heights Assessment as of 5.26
Download 20 • 279KB

Concord Assessment as of 5.26
Download 2021(CALC) • 959KB

Bethel Assessment as of 5.26.2021(Calc)
Download • 745KB

If you live in Chester Heights - I (Marta Driscoll) am running for council with a great team: Ron Surkin, Nancy Server, and Jeff Durst. Running with us for Mayor is Philip Block. I would love to hear about what matters to you in local government. You can email me at Learn more about our slate HERE.

If you live in Concord - Please visit and learn about the 6 exceptional candidates running for Concord Township Council who, with your support and vote, can move Concord Forward in a direction of integrity, responsible land use, and fiscal accountability. Check out their Facebook page HERE

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